If you’d like to switch shares with another member, here’s the place to do it. List the week you’d like to swap and the week or weeks you’d like to swap for; what kind of shares you have; and contact info. If you’re willing to sell your share for cash, list that too.

Email me when you post; I have to approve the posts and I don’t check this page often.

Once you find someone, you’re on your own;  I really don’t want to get involved. And check the other posts before you post your own, someone may already be looking to swap for a share that you want.

Here’s an example:

I have an alternate week share, Group B and I’d like to switch for any Group A share in July or August. I have a full vegetable and full fruit share. I am also willing to sell the vegetable share for $29 and the fruit share for $12, to be paid by paypal or venmo.

Lori, layprod@aol.comor 212-879-6600

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