Please note that this plan is still tentative. We’re very open to suggestions and questions and we’ll change the plan if someone comes up with something better. If you see a hole in the plan, please let us know. We’ll also react if the situation changes for the better. But we think we need a plan that will cover the worst-case scenario, which is that the church is closed for at least the first part of the season and that social distancing and facemask rules stay in effect. We can make the deliveries safe; they won’t be as much fun. I will miss the schmoozing and the tastings, and the conversations—but when I wave to you, please know that I’m smiling under my mask and looking forward to returning to the old way, even if it’s not until next year;

So. Here’s what we’ll do.


–Same pickup time and location:

–Corner of 74th & York, but we’ll be on the 74th Street side this year.

–Tuesdays, 4-7 pm (we may be able to open a bit early if that’s useful to some members—let us know if you’d prefer an earlier pickup

–Season runs from June 2-November 10. 24 deliveries

–$585 for a full share, $330 for alternate-week share.

— $265 for fruit share, $135 for alternate week fruit share
–$150 for mushroom share, $85 for alternate week mushroom share   
–$131 for coffee share; $121 for dry bean share


–The farm truck will deliver individual boxes for each share. There will be smaller boxes for half shares. We’ll stack the boxes and use one table for bags of extras (fruit, mushrooms, beans, coffee, etc.). Members will walk down the line and pick up their items. Members won’t be allowed to open the boxes—they’re all the same, just take one. It should not take long for pickup.

–We’ll move to the York Avenue side of the street. It’s a wider street, easier for people to distance themselves. We’ll use chalk lines to mark spacing but we’re not anticipating long lines because pickup will be so quick.

–Everyone has to take their boxes home. No one can unpack at the site. We’re all getting new Stoneledge tote bags and the boxes will fit into the tote bags. If you forget your bag—please try to remember–we’ll have a few on hand but the charge will be $5-10 for a new tote bag.  You’ll need another bag if you have extra shares.

     We’re encouraging people to fold their boxes flat when they get home, put them in a bag, and put them away in their homes until the next pickup. After three to five days, they are sanitised; the virus does not live longer than that, even on plasticised surfaces.

     We’ll have those big plaid plastic bags at the site. Members can slide their folded boxes into the big bags. We’ll zip them up and store. Even if the church is closed, we are confident that we’ll find a place to store these bags until the next pickup—as long as they come back to us folded flat. The farm will pick up the bags the following week.

      If someone wants to walk away from the site, unload their vegetables, flatten their boxes, and return them right away—we can’t stop you, but we really don’t recommend it.

–We’ll have tarps to cover the food in case it rains. Since pickup will be so quick, members won’t have a problem picking up outdoors. We’re working out how to protect our volunteers on rainy days.

–We’ll keep a bottle of disinfectant at the site (1/2 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water) and volunteers will wipe down the table every half hour or so, or when necessary. Since no one will be touching anything except the bag or box that they are taking home, we don’t think more than that is necessary.


We’re going to send around guidelines to members. We’ll formalize this list before the first pickup. Feedback would be appreciated:

            Don’t open the boxes, or try to feel how heavy they are. When you touch a box or bag, take it.

Please don’t approach the site managers with questions. Send questions by email, text, or phone. Site managers will have phones, so they can answer questions immediately.

–           No one is allowed to leave vegetables that they don’t want at the site; we’ll ask the church if people can bring back stuff and leave in a barrel for homeless people or others who need food.

Unless the CDC lifts the mask recommendation, everyone will have to wear masks at the site, and we’ll try to have a few extras on hand.

Please follow the social distancing lines. We will probably mark off spots for at least twelve people to be there at the same time.

Kids will be welcomed at the site, but we’re asking caregivers to make sure they don’t touch anything. We don’t think we can give out stickers at the site; I’m thinking about a monthly mailing. I’d love to find an activity for kids, such as a weekly online quiz, so that our younger members can still be engaged. If anyone has ideas, I’d love to hear them.

If you’re bringing a dog, please think about how you will pick up while holding on to a leash.

If anyone can suggest other guidelines, please let us know.

–If anyone is interested in seeing Stoneledge’s plan for hygiene on their end, you’ll find it here


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