Surrogate picker-upper cheat sheet

Here’s a quick tip sheet that you can send to someone who is picking up your share.

You don’t need to let us know if you’re sending a surrogate; as long as they give us your name, we’ll give them your share.

Where: Church of the Epiphany, corner of 74th& York. Usually, outside on the 74thStreet side. If it rains, we go inside through the vestibule on 74th.

When: Tuesday; official time is 4-7 pm. We’re usually ready by 3:30 and you’re welcome to pick up as soon as the food is on the table. But we’re strict about 7 pm closing—if you come after 7 pm, you won’t get your share. We ask surrogates to come before 6:30 if they can, before we’re busy closing down. But up to 7 pm is ok.

How: Tell the person with the clipboard who you are picking up for. Make sure you know what shares you have–please remind your surrogate not to take fruit, mushrooms, coffee, beans, or custom items unless you’ve ordered them.

There are lots of people around to help–just ask someone.

Please bring your own bags. 

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